Step Two on the Roman Road

Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God
is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.   
In step one, we are called to acknowledge that we are all sinners. That by ourselves none of us is good enough to save ourselves.
We all know that there are rewards and or consequences for our actions.
If we put in a good days or weeks work we get a paycheck .
If we get caught speeding down the road in our car we get a ticket.
Here in step two on the Roman Road we find that the consequences of our sin is DEATH.
Now there is no sliding scale here that says “small” sins get a slap on the wrist while “big” sins deserve death. God says “The wages of sin is death.” That means ALL sin, from the smallest impure thought to the most heinous of sins, have the same consequence, that being death.
The death spoken of here is not just a physical death here in the physical world, but an spiritual death for all eternity. It is a complete separation from God because there is no room in heaven or near God for sin.
So death is what we deserve for our sin, but wait the second part of this step is the wonderful news that God has a gift for us, The gift of eternal life which comes to us “in” or “through” Christ Jesus our Lord.
Come join me as we take the next step on the Roman Road to see how and why God has offered us this wonderful gift of life even though we as sinners do not deserve it.

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