Step One on the Roman Road

Romans 3:23

“For ALL have sinned and fall short
of the glory of God.”
Every journey starts with a single step. Here in Romans 3:23 we find our first step on our path to salvation.
 Like always the first step is never easy.
How often have we heard or thought one of the following?
“I’m a good person, I don’t lie or steal, I’ve never killed anyone. I keep the ten commandments. I donate my time and
money to help those less fortunate.
“God is good, He loves us all, I’m sure when he sees how hard I worked and tried, there is no way I’ll be sent to Hell”
“I know soo many people who are no where near as good as I am.”
“I’m good enough.”
I’m both sad and happy to report that NONE of those statements are true.
I’m sad because people accept them as truth, they are happy in their sin and are willing to fool themselves into
believing that these statements are true.
I’m happy because God our loving Creator and Heavenly Father provided a way to reconcile our sinful selves back to Him.
So our first step is to realize that every single one of us are dirty sinful people who are not only worthy of being in
Gods presents because of our sin.
Let me ask a few questions and give you some biblical facts that might help you see this.
Let us start with the first of our examples from before, “I’m a good person…. I keep the ten commandments…”
So here is my question, You are good enough by whose standard? (Yours or God’s)
Have you ever lied? Come on be honest, even what some might call a small white lie? Called off work when you were not sick but just did not want to go in. How about telling someone that you liked something when you didn’t?“Thou shall not bear false witness.”
That makes you a liar.
Have you ever stolen anything? No matter how small, a piece of candy, change that you should have returned to someone else after making a run to the store for them.
That makes you a thief.
How about adultery?
You say “I have never committed adultery! Now you are just stretching your luck!”
Maybe but hear me out please.
Have you ever looked at a person other then your spouse and had lustful thoughts? If so, according to Jesus him self you have committed adultery.
In Matthew 5:28 Jesus is quoted,
“But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
Being honest, with just those three simple examples, that makes me a lying, thieving, adulterer who has no place in the presents of God or in heaven.
So now we can see by God’s standard we are ALL sinners.
Have faith my friend. While this proves we are not worthy of calling our selves good by God’s standard. this is just the first step of our path. A path that will show us and lead us to the loving embrace of our Creator and Savior. Because while we are not and can not, by ourselves, be worthy of God, as we will see as we travel this road God himself put in place a way for our salvation.
(Continue our path together as we look at step two of the Roman Road)

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