Prayer List 01/07/18

Marcie, Jason & Becky – Bereavement
Betty Moore – Bereavement
Liane Ripatte – (Sharon’s Sister) 2 surgeries, still healing
Bobby – (Terry’s Friend) had 10-hr Surgery
Mary & Micheal – Several financial needs
Fred Dorsey – still very difficult breathing
Eric Valazquez – Muscular Dystrophy
Sharon TerKeurst – Ankle/Foot
Nora Diaz – Lupus, Health Issues
Emma – (Cherye’s mom) Comfort Care
Susie – New Tumor (Friend of Cherye)

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Thank God every day for;
        A new day, to offer Him praise and Glory.
        For meeting our needs.
        The safe travels of our church members and their families.
        The safe return Of Dalton Stripling to St. Augustine.
        George Capallia going to mechanical college
Praying for:


Our Missionaries
Our church family
Our visitors
Our church building needs
Overcomers Ministry
St. Gerard House
Crookshank Elem. School
Gideons Ministry
Our military and country.


Lord Jesus, sinful pride

          makes me think I should:                                  

                 – see more results from my service….
                 – get more recognition for my service…..
                 – feel more satisfaction in my service…..
                          Forgive me, and give me a heart of love,
                                       a heart more like yours.. .. .. ..